St. Andrews, the city of ye olde universities, púcas and a certain golf course

Bald – bald (!) – erscheinen ein paar meiner Erzählungen auf Englisch. Die amerikanische Übersetzerin und Verlegerin teasert hier schon mal eine der Geschichten an. Mit Bildchen. Da.

Weyward Sisters Publishing

When I was a girl, one of my favorite books was The Secret Garden. This was the reason behind my earliest international travel wish: to visit the Scottish moors. The irony in the end is that, despite all of my European travels, I have never made it to Scotland. However, each time I see photos of Scotland, I channel my 9-year-old self and can still feel the shadowy visions I used to have of what those landscapes must be like. Beautiful, bleak, craggy, stony, green (though not the lush green of Ireland).

Zoë Beck’s short story „Flann, the Púca“ is set in St. Andrews. It is a shadowy, mystical story with roots in Gaelic folklore. Are you unsure what a púca is? If you recall the play Harvey or the classic Jimmy Stewart film based on it, then you actually know what it is without knowing it. The invisible rabbit…

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